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S-tronic DL501 gearbox mounted in 4x4 (quattro) Audi A4, A5, A6, Q3, Q5 models, 


Most common issues:


Mechatronic faults 

- car drive only with odd gears 1,3,5,7 no revers*

-car drive only with even gears 2,4,6,R*

-car dont go into drive or power loss(diagnostic interface shows clutch overheating fault)*

-hard D or R engagement*

-harsh downshifting (especially when gearbox get hot)*


* in case of this symptoms mechatronic unit need to be regenerated as soon as posible to prevent further damages, too late reactions may require a whole mechatronic unit and clutch replacement.


Clutch faults:

-car move with jerking*

-clutch slipping*

-power loosing (forward or revers drive)*

-hard D or R engagement


*It applies mostly car models made before 2011, in this cases DL501 dual-clutch assembly need to be replaced


Mechatronic software keeping up to date is very important!




S-tronic DL501 gearbox have two different oil systems:

-ATF fluid for mechatronic and dual-clutch assembly G 052 529 A2  7 litres to exchange every 60 000 km with internal ATF filter

-gearbox oil for mechanical gearbox and diff part G 052 513 A2  5 litres (exchanging suggestion every 150 000 km)